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Gold-plated Necklaces

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Necklaces as well as earrings are an all-time favourite piece of jewellery and you can add some fine touches to your outfit with our gold-plated necklaces! They combine the luxury look of gold (and it is real gold!) with affordable prices. The perfect choice for a necklace that should look good but doesn't break the bank.

Why choosing Gold-plated Jewellery?

The short answer is: Gold-plated Jewellery offers you the great looks real gold jewellery would give you but without the hefty price tag attached. Gold-plated Jewellery is using a cheap base metal, for example copper, that is subsequently plated with a tiny layer of gold – much thinner than a human hair. The actual amount of gold used is minimal and this keeps the price low, yet the appearance is that of solid gold jewellery.

The drawbacks? Obviously, gold-plated jewellery is not an investment as real gold jewellery can be. Also, the gold-plating will eventually wear off, depending on how thick the plating is and to how much wear the piece is subjected to.

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