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Tassel Clip-on Earrings

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Who says you have to sacrifice in choice or good looks if you don't have pierced ears and rely on clip-on earrings? Our Tassel Clip-ons just prove the point that you can have great fashionable looks while not needing to go through the procedure of getting your ears pierced.

Clip and Go! It's really that easy with these Tassel Clip-on Earrings!

Why Tassel Clip-ons?

If you want to wear some longer earrings, your choice is not limited to traditional earrings, that requires you having pierced ears to wear them. Quite the contrary! You see, we have a good range of Tassel Clip-on Earrings in many colours. They look gorgeous and bring colour in your life.

Not quite what you are looking for but you prefer some longer drop earrings instead? No problem! Check out our Fashion Clip-on Earrings Section where you find more Drop Clip-on Earrings in all forms and shapes. And colours of course!

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