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Tagua Necklaces

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Exotic feelings are conveyed by those fantastic necklaces in bright and vivid colours. They are all assembled with tagua elements and some of our necklaces also use other natural materials like coconut. All handmade of course by artisans in the rural areas of Ecuador.

What is Tagua?

Tagua is a natural product, coming from the tagua palm tree native to Ecuador. The nuts are harvested by indigenous people and are then used to create wonderful pieces of art like carvings and jewellery, just like these beautiful necklaces in bright, vivid and tropical colours. Not only does tagua provide the native population - often from rural areas - an ethical income, free from drug trade it is an environmental product too. The palm trees are cared for by the people and to get to the tagua only the nuts of the trees are collected. Thus, no tree is harmed nor need to be cut down in order to gain tagua. Tagua doesn't just look good, it's ethical too and waits for you to be discovered!

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