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Tagua Clip-on Earrings

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If you haven't experienced the beauty of Tagua yet, then it is time to try it out. Tagua is often referred to as "vegetable ivory" since it resembles real ivory, but it is entirely a vegetable product – the nut of the tagua palm tree. In short, you get stunning looking clip-on earrings while knowing no animal gets harmed. On top of that, you also support the indigenous people of Ecuador, who crafted those lovely and colourful pieces of tagua for us.

And if you are environmentally conscious and want to minimise on plastic: Tagua is a natural product and thus plastic-free!

What is Tagua?

Tagua is the fruit of the Tagua Palm Tree. The nuts are dried in the sun and they become very hard, making tagua suitable for carving or the production of jewellery. Because only the nuts are collected, no trees are harmed to gain access to this environmentally friendly resource. In fact, the trees are often cared for by the indigenous people as they provide the livelihood for them.

Tagua is enjoying a rising popularity, thanks to its wonderful properties. Not only is it a natural product that can be harvested in a way that doesn't harm our environment, it is also the looks that make Tagua so popular. Its colour and hardness gives it a resemblance to real (elephant) ivory which gives rise to Tagua's popularity. Yet, no animals are harmed of course. Tagua can also easily be distinguished from animal ivory as it lacks the characteristic "Schreger lines".

Good for the environment – good for you!

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