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Jewellery Storage

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Your precious little things like jewellery or some special coins shouldn't lie around, waiting to get lost or collect dust on them. You can put them into a plain cardboard box or an otherwise mass-produced box without any personality. Or you can keep your precious possessions in one of our handmade jewellery cases. Crafted from stone they are more than just a storage solution. They are a piece of art themselves, worthy to keep your beloved gems inside.

Our jewellery cases are crafted by skilled artisans and are made from soap stone which comes in various attractive colour tones. Inside, they are lined with red velved to protect your jewellery from scratches while adding to the sumptuous look. Whether you prefer a case that is plain simple, has a neutral floral design or you prefer a spiritual theme with a buddha motive, you will find the style you like.

Although our selection is small at present, we are going to add more designs over the coming weeks. Come back regularly to see what's going on.

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