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Tagua Products

Curious about Tagua? Or are you already a vivd Tagua Fan? Either way, you came to the right place. You find a wide range of Tagua jewellery here at Idin Jewellery and we are very enthusiastic about Tagua. Why? Simple: It is such a great material! For jewellery, it offers modern, fashionable looks and can be dyed in many colours: From a pale green to super-vibrant hot pink.

Thanks to its ivory-like appearance, it also offers a feel of a luxury high-end item. And best of all: Despite the many charming attributes it has, it is Environmentally and socially friendly too! No Animal cruelty. No de-forestation or felling of trees. And it supports the indigenous population of tagua producing countries such as Ecuador.

Take a look around and you will quickly see why we love it so much and all the benefits it offers to you. And others.

Green Tagua Disc Clip-on Earrings

Clip-on Earrings

We love Tagua. We love Clip-on Earrings. The logical conclusion? Tagua Clip-on Earrings!

It's not hard to see why they are ideal for virtually everyone: For a start, you don't need pierced ears to wear clip-on earrings. Simply clip them on your ear and you are ready to go - quick and easy and safer too.

And as far as Tagua goes: Did we already mention how great it looks like and what can be done with it? Vibrant colours, timeless shapes and a touch of luxury.

Yellow irregular shaped Tagua Discs Earrings


You prefer the more traditional earrings and don't want to have your ears pierced for nothing? At Idin Jewellery, you also find a HUGE range of Tagua Earrings. They come with a fishhook and you wear them just like any other kind of drop earrings.

What style do you prefer? There is a colour that compliments your taste and a style you will love. Small and inconspicuous? Large to make a statement? Whatever your mood, we've got you covered. You can even find marble-patterned colours now! And since Tagua is a natural product, each pair of earrings is just as unique as you are.

Colourful Tagua Bracelet with Heart-shaped elements


If you love to wear a bracelet that is not the usual gold or silver, you must try a Tagua Bracelet. Why? Simple: They look cool, come in your favourite colours and – in the unlikely case we haven't mentioned this yet – are environmentally friendly too!

Heart shapes, round discs, pearls, multi-strand pearls... if the choice wasn't so hard to make!

Whether you prefer it more classy or you prefer a bolder look. Tagua Bracelets make it possible.


Tagua Necklaces win you over with their colourfullness and elaborate styles. And they are very fashionable too!

Especially if you want to bring colour into your life, tagua necklaces are unbeatable when it comes to vibrancy and showing off the beauty of life.

We invite you to have a look and explore the Tagua Necklaces on offer. Find your Style Today.


Your Home Décor should look good and stunning, of course. Ideally it should even portray some touch of luxury. Ivory looks great but obviously it's bad and illegal. Can we offer you Tagua instead?

Tagua has an ivory-like appearance and is also very hard. Yet it is fully plant-based and thus tagua is sometimes also called vegetable ivory.

Made from artisans in rural Ecuador you receive not only a perfect addition to your home decoration but also the knowledge that you contribute to the livelihood of a local artisan.

Like what you see?

Great! Then let's explore the different kind of jewellery that is awaiting your discovery. We are sure you find something that pleases your good taste.

And don't forget: You not only get a fantastic piece for your jewellery collection or fabulous addition to your home décor, you also make a contribution to help the environment and support locals in rural Ecuador and provide them with an ethical source of income, free of opium plantations or illegal logging in the world's already suffering rainforests.

Thank you!

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