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Real Pearl Clip-on Earrings

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Add a touch of luxury to your clip-on earrings by adding pearls. Real pearls! Obviously, the beauty of a pearl also requires a matching setting and therefore the used clips are at least silver-plated. The better quality pearls are mounted on hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver Clips, since the quality of the pearls demand for a superior mounting.

In case you prefer a more invisible option, you can also choose from our magnetic pearl earrings.

Clip-ons with a touch of luxury

While many of our clip-on earrings fall into the fashion / costume jewellery category, you also deserve to have the choice of some finer pieces, and our Pearl Clip-on Earrings just fit the bill. Of course, the pearls in this section are real pearls from freshwater culture as only they can provide the best possible looks. Imiitation pearls can look great too, but nothing competes with the real thing.

If you opt for the more luxurious options of (near) round pearls on 925 Sterling Silver clips, you can be sure that you get what you pay for. Even though the clips are exempt from being hallmarked, we decided to hallmark them all. Why? The marketplace is full of sellers who make wrong claims either intentionally or they just don't know it any better. Only hallmarking gives you the comfort to know that the precious metal content is as advertised or better. For us, it is a way to independently attest the precious metal content and know what we offer you. After all, your happiness and satisfaction is at the core of our business values.

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