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Pearl Jewellery

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Pearls are considered magical by some - and it's no wonder why with their beautiful shiny surfaces and the subtle play with lights and colour due to their iridescence. In short: Pearls are a great and gorgeous choice for your jewellery collection.

Here at Idin Jewellery, you find a good selection from cheapish Freshwater Pearls up to exquisite South Sea and Tahitian Pearls. The choice is yours! And of course, we are fully compliant with British Hallmarking standards to guarantee you not only real pearls, but also real precious metal.

How to Care for your Pearl Jewellery?

Pearls are one of the softest "gems", which means they can be easily scratched. They are also rather sensitive to sweat, perfumes, etc. Thus, it is best not to wear any jewellery that is adorned with pearls while doing manual work or exercising. Instead, store it in a box with a soft liner. For long-lasting beauty it is also paramount to give the pearls a regular, gentle clean.

For more detailed information, please see our section about Pearl Care, where you find more comprehensive advice on how to look after your precious pearl jewellery.

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