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Rings by J JAZ

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Here is our selection of the J JAZ range of rings. Made of the finest Sterling Silver and best quality Cubic Zirconia, this collection offers a variety of designs which are sure to catch everyone's attention. The rings are all rhodium-plated, which keeps helps them retain their sheen longer.

Branded with a UK hallmark, these rings offer you at least 92.5% silver by weight in the metal. You can be sure that our silver is high quality!


As Sterling Silver jewellery tarnishes with time, it often needs to be stored properly to keep its brilliant appearance for longer. Even so, eventually it will need to be cleaned. This process is not difficult, but it does take a little bit of time. Rhodium-plating helps delay tarnishing even further – by coating the silver with a protective layer of rhodium, it is possible to prevent silver from oxidizing and thus also preventing it from becoming tarnished. While rhodium protects the silver, it does not significantly alter the appearance of the silver jewellery which makes Sterling Silver pieces more convenient to wear as you do not need to worry about maintaining your silver!

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