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Necklaces by J JAZ

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The J JAZ range of Sterling Silver, rhodium plated necklaces has a variety of designs for you to choose from. Whether you are after a modern design, or a classic one, this selection of jewellery is sure to offer just the style you are looking for. With only the finest cubic zirconia (CZ) and Sterling Silver used to create these pieces, they offer an excellent balance of high quality and affordable pricing. This vibrant range can compliment any outfit, whether you are looking for a necklace to wear at the office or at a banquet you can be sure to find one just for you!

These Sterling Silver necklaces are fully hallmarked in the UK, which guarantees that the silver is genuine and represents at least 92.5% of the metal by weight.

Why rhodium-plated?

Silver tarnishes with time, requiring proper care to retain its proper shine. By plating the silver with a layer of rhodium, the jewellery can retain its vibrant shine for much longer while keeping intact the silver jewellery look. Thus, rhodium-plated silver jewellery is more convenient for the owner. Although rhodium can be used to make jewellery, it is a difficult metal to work with as it has a high melting point and rather poor malleability.

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