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Bracelets by J JAZ

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Here you can find our range of J JAZ designer bracelets. Made with the finest Sterling Silver and inset with the highest quality Cubic Zirconia, these bracelets can offer you an impressive balance of quality to price. Whether you prefer Yellow, White or Rose Gold plating, or just the appearance of Silver, we have something for you. All bracelets are fully hallmarked in the UK, so you can rest easy knowing your choice is genuine, high quality Sterling Silver.

We are currently expanding this section and you will find plenty of new products. If you can't find what you are looking for, be sure to check back later!

Metal plating?

While all the bracelets are made of Sterling Silver, some of them are Gold plated. This allows the jewellery to look like solid gold, while maintaining a more accessible price than sold gold pieces. Bracelets which are not gold plated, receive a protective layer of rhodium plating, which enables them to keep their shiny silver look for longer by protecting the silver from tarnish, while maintaining the appearance of silver. This also means they are more convenient to own and wear: Spend less time maintaining them, and more time wearing them!

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