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Clip-on Earrings for Adults

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Are you going to a prom or party? Why not try our clip-on earrings? No matter whether you have pierced ears or not, clip-on earrings are the allrounder amongst earrings thanks to their clasps. Simply clip them on your earlobe and you are ready to go. All without the need for a piercing.

We stock a vast range of clip-on earrings and many styles. Do you prefer it plain and simple? Fancy? Maybe a bit more stylish? Your heart's desire will be served with us. And just in case you prefer that bit of extra sparkle on your outfit, choose a pair that comes with cubic zironia stones – they glitter nearly like a real diamond without the concern of price.

Pierceless Jewellery you will Love!

Why clip-on earrings?

Because they are great!

No matter the age, clip-on earrings can be worn literally by anyone since no piercing is required. Even your daughter can borrow and try on our clip-on earrings. Naturally, they are also great if a quick change of outfit and earrings are needed. And of course, they do look gorgeous too!

Clip-on earrings are also great to share and pass around for your friends to try out. Since they are worn without a piercing, there are no concerns regarding hygiene. Just clip them on your ear and they are quickly put on and are just as quick and easy to be taken off again.

Arthritic Fingers?

Did you know that clip-on earrings are one of the best kind of earrings for sufferers of arthritic fingers? No more fiddling around to find that tiny hole in your earlobe. Clip the earrings on your ear and you are ready to go in an instant. Taken them off again is just as easy as well. You are always invited to give our clip earrings a try.

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