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First discovered in the 18th century, the gemstone named Aventurine is a variety of quartz. Its most distinguishing feature is the metallic sparkle. The effect can at times be likened to iridescence, although it is different enough for it to have its own name: Aventurescence.

Sometimes incorrectly referred to as "Indian Jade", Aventurine does not share enough similarities with jade for them to be considered similar.


Aventurine Earrings

Aventurine's colour can be quite interesting to observe: At a glance, it is primarily a green-toned stone. However, closer inspection can reveal that not only does it have a metallic effect to it but also quite often displays a banding pattern in its base colour. Generally, these gemstones range in tone from light green to dark green, and their sheen tends to be a silvery or blue tone.

Similarly, its sparkling effect can range from a weak sparkle to an intense glitter. The stone's banding pattern usually exhibits differences in the tone of green – bands of lighter and darker green tones occur.

It should be noted that because of its colour, Aventurine can easily be confused with jade and malachite. However, Aventurine in gemstone form is significantly harder than either malachite or jade, so the similarity is purely visual.


Typically, Aventurine does not require any treatment or artificial enhancement such as heat treatment. Therefore, it is generally natural. Unpolished, the stone will have a grainy texture to it and only after polishing does it gain its soft, glassy lustre. It is a relatively hard stone, rated 7 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. This is particularly important to know as it can help a potential buyer to differentiate between Aventurine and the softer Malachite, and Jade stones. Finally, most Aventurine has an opaque nature – it is not impossible, but rare for a stone to be translucent.


Aventurine can be used to a great effect in jewellery, with a wide variety of applications. When it comes to cuts, most common are cabochons as well as beads. Thus, it is ideal for necklaces and bracelets. In addition, it can be used effectively to create carvings and other ornaments. Thanks to its affinity for cabochon cuts, Aventurine can also be set into rings and pendants.

Interestingly, Aventurine is also known to be a suitable material to shape tools out of. This is because of its relatively high hardness " which makes it a durable material – and suitable malleability.

Loose Aventurine Stones


Aventurine can be sourced from locations throughout the world. Popular sources include countries such as Brazil and Chile in South America. Deposits are also found in Austria and Russia if one is looking for continental Europe suppliers, as well as India for locations further east. Finally, Tanzania is also a potential source of Aventurine.


As with any stone, it is good practice to keep them clean and in good shape. Avoid any abrasive materials and strong detergents – simple soap water and a soft cloth will do very well in cleaning this gemstone. Avoid prolonged exposure to heat or other, tougher materials – Aventurine is harder than many gemstones, but harder substances can be found in most households that are able to scratch it.

Because it is not as durable as Diamond or Sapphire, it is best to store it in a soft cloth, or a box lined with soft fabric. Also, avoid storing it with harder gemstones such as the aforementioned Diamonds to avoid scratches or other damage to Aventurine.

Finally, as with many gemstones, it is best to take off any jewellery set with Aventurine before exercise or other strenous physical activity.

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