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Gold-plated Clip-on Earrings for Ladies

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When outstanding and expensive looks are needed but you don't want to upset your bank account manager, then gold-plated clip-on earrings are the perfect choice: The gold-plating gives you the luxurious looks of solid gold jewellery while keeping costs down to reasonable levels. Thanks to their clips, everyone can wear them too as no piercing is required. Share them with your friends!

Gold-plating – the pros and cons

Gold-plated jewellery is a fantastic compromise between expensive looks while being on a budget. As we all know, gold looks great, but its price can bring tears in your eyes. The solution is to put a microscopic layer of gold on the metal parts of your jewellery. The result is that it does look like solid gold jewellery – after all, what you see is real gold! – but because the amount of gold used is so small, the costs are a fraction of solid gold jewellery.

The downsides? Obviously, when it comes to selling your jewellery because you need money, gold-plated jewellery may be considered of low to no value on the second-hand market and the scrap metal value is next to zero. Solid gold jewellery has at very least a (gold) scrap metal value and sometimes can be used as an investment. The other downside is that eventually, the thin layer of gold will wear off at some point in time, depending how often you wear your jewellery, how it is treated, etc. For earrings this is not a huge problems but gold-plating isn't recommended for rings that experience plenty of knocks.

And the most important thing: Enjoy your gold-plated jewellery! You do get fantastic looks at great prices and you don't have to worry too much in case an earring gets lost.

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