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Natural White Diamond-shaped Tagua with Marble Effect Drop Earrings
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Natural White Diamond-shaped Tagua with Marble Effect Drop Earrings

Item Code: 110441

  • Size: 1.7 x 5.9cm
  • Plastic-free

This pair is made from Tagua known as vegetable ivory. Very gorgeous and unique style as this piece is entirely handmade and individually handcrafted by Indigenous people in Ecuador who receive a fair wage for their work. It is also animal and ecology friendly. A fantastic gift for your loved ones, friends or just a little treat for yourself. Please note that colours and patterns of each piece may vary slightly as it is unique and individually hand-crafted. Please also allow for minor imperfections due to handcrafting process and material used. Tagua exhibits an appearance similar to that of ivory and is therefore often referenced as vegetable ivory. However, it is easily discerned from real ivory by the absence of Schreger line� fine lines that appear in real ivory. This palm ivory, as it is also known, comes from the very hard endosperm of the tagua nuts. Not only does tagua ivory come from a plant and thus makes the killing of animals superfluous, it also kind to the tagua palm trees itself as only the fruits of the tree are needed. As such, trees need not to be felled or damaged to harvest this source of environmentally friendly plant ivory.

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