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Gold-plated Earrings

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When good looks are required, gold is often the choice to make. But if you don't want to spend big notes on solid golden earrings, then gold-plated is the way to go: You'll get the gorgeous shiny appearance of real gold, yet without the hefty price tag attached to them.

Our gold-plated earrings bridge the gap of cheapish fashion jewellery and exquisite fine jewellery and they will surely not go unnoticed.

Gold plating

Gold-plating is usually applied to silver, allowing the jewellery to exhibit an appearance of gold while remaining affordable. Usually, the thin layer of gold is further separated from the silver by a layer of other metals, such as copper and nickel. This allows the gold layer to persist for longer periods of time, and create a longer lasting gold look. In addition to jewellery, gold-plating is used extensively in other areas such as electronics, whether it is connectors or thermal regulation.

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