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Gold-plated Bracelets

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Looking for that great-looking bracelet for your outfit but don't want to break the bank? Then you should try our gold-plated bracelets which give you the best of both worlds: The good appearance of real gold but the price tag of fashion jewellery.

Benefits and Drawbacks of gold-plated jewellery

Gold-plated jewellery gives you the benefit of great looks at great prices. This kind of jewellery is normally manufactured from cheap base metal and sometimes (Sterling) Silver and the metal is subsequently coated with a tiny layer of gold. This gives it the appearance of real solid gold jewellery, yet without the price tag. The used amount of gold is negligible and this keeps the prices low.

Every advantage normally goes hand in hand with a downside. In case of gold-plated jewellery, the down-side is that the thin layer of gold will eventually rub off, making the underlying (base) metal visible. How long it takes for the gold-layer to wear through depends on a number of factors and can not be stated. But constant wear, exposure to sweat, rubbing over clothes, etc. are all factors that contribute to a wear off. Although it is possible to recoat the item, it is often not worth the cost to get this done.

We advise to use gold-plated jewellery for special occasions to increase the lifetime of your jewellery, although earrings will suffer less from wear and tear as they experience less knocks and rubs during normal wear than most other articles of jewellery. For everyday wear we either recommend normal fashion jewellery or go the whole way and opt for solid silver or gold jewellery. You can find a great selection of fine jewellery on our sister website JAREEYA.

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