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Clare Hawley Designer Jewellery

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Clare lives in the high north of Scotland in a little cottage. She is surrounded by the beautiful Scottish nature from where she is drawing her inspirations of her designs. Her jewellery is characterised by its simplicity that accentuates the motif. All of her jewellery comes hallmarked as a standard and is presented in a fitting gift box that is ideal for handing over to the presentee or storing your jewellery when not in use.

What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver, hallmarked in the UK, is 92.5% pure silver by weight and 7.5% other metals. This alloy is guaranteed to be genuine and of high quality by the Edinburgh Assay Office. Depending on the other metals used in the silver, it can become more resistant to tarnishing and keep its shining look for extended periods of time. While nowadays it is primarily used in jewellery, Sterling Silver used to have many different uses, and continues to be used in various fields nowadays. For instance, some musical instruments are manufactured with Sterling Silver due to the unique acoustic properties of the metal.

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